Roi Shternin: Patient Advocate. Changemaker.

Hey there, I'm Roi!

The healthcare system used to feel like a labyrinth, and I was just another lost patient. But that experience ignited a passion in me to fight for change. Now, I'm a patient advocate, helping others navigate the maze and find their voice.

Ready to take charge of your health and join the movement for a better healthcare system? Let's connect!

Empowering patients & revolutionizing healthcare.

Fueled by personal experience, Roi advocates for patient rights & co-creation of a patient-centered healthcare system.

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Some of my offered Keynotes Thriving Beyond Diagnosis The Patient Advocate s Playbook Humanizing Healthcare Technology for Patient Empowerment From Setbacks to Strength Building Resilience in the Face of Challenges The Patient Champion Mastering Advocacy for Better Health Outcomes Beyond Your Comfort Zone Embracing Change to Unlock Your Potential Reframing Illness Transforming Your Story into Personal Growth Bespoke Keynotes Designed to Address Your Specific Needs
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Throughout my career I ve had the privilege of collaborating with a remarkable range of individuals From the brightest minds at pharmaceutical companies and top tier hospitals to innovation leaders and Fortune 500 executives I ve been inspired by their dedication to progress all while working remotely a testament to the power of innovation happening anywhere
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Patient Voice Innovation Patient Voice in Development Integrate patient perspectives in Pharma Patient Centric Communication Design for Better Engagement in Healthcare Shared Decision Making Empower patients in treatment plans Patient Advocacy Tech Leverage data tech for impactful advocacy Ethical Pharma Collaborations Discuss best practices for patient advocacy partnerships Resilience through Inspiration

Roi Shternin: Patient Advocate & Changemaker

Chronic illness forced Roi Shternin, a Vienna-based patient advocate, to become an expert in navigating the healthcare system. But instead of succumbing to his condition, Roi chose to become a powerful voice for change. Now, he empowers patients through captivating keynotes, insightful resources, and unwavering advocacy. Roi's mission is to bridge the gap between patients, providers, and stakeholders, fostering a collaborative approach that prioritizes patient rights and builds a healthcare system that works for everyone.

Fueled by his personal experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Roi offers a unique perspective on healthcare. He is a proven changemaker, fostering patient communities, influencing policy, and inspiring a movement for a more patient-centered healthcare experience. Are you ready to take charge of your health and join Roi in revolutionizing healthcare? Connect today!

Ready to Change Things ?

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